A Nice Outsourcing Experience

So, this is what I think about Outsourcing. I recently had my first experience with a major Outsourcing project. I at source some software projects, getting a domestic
software development outsourcing  expert to help me along the way. All I can say is that the experience was entirely positive one with literally no side effects. Look, I’ve heard people say bad things about Outsourcing in the past, but I think that that is majorly upon the person who selected the wrong Outsourcing Outlet. There are many, and it is usually easy to find whether they have good reviews or not. I think that this is vital, if you’re working with people you’ve never met before, or even if they are people you have met before. You should always check in and see if somebody is worth working with. If they can be trusted come and if they will deliver a high quality of work. So far, every I have had the experience of working with has been positive. Maybe I’m lucky, or maybe I’m just diligent to my research. Maybe I just happened to have the right vendors, or maybe I am just putting in the required time and energy to finding the right people to work with. It’s impossible to know, but I would expect that preparation and mindfulness is important while selecting someone. For example, I recently had some software development Outsourcing the needed to be done, and I didn’t know how to go about finding someone to do it for me. I did some comprehensive research, within my network and outside of it, internationally and locally, and I ended up finding a wonderful solution, but I certainly did not make an offer to every solution that I found. It’s all about being careful, the point is to be using specialized labor, so you should be using someone who is especially attuned to the type of work that you need done.

A safer Berlin

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about moving back to Berlin. I think that it’s amazing place and I think I should give it another shot. I never really gave it a fair shake, and to be honest I was very intimidated by the city. What are the things I didn’t like was that I couldn’t get a fair perspective of the city itself. I felt that I didn’t want to buy a vehicle while I was there, cuz it might have been temporary, and I also don’t like exploring a new city through a car. I find it Sheltering. And I don’t want to pollute. But, I found that it was such a big an overwhelming City to try and Reverse by bike or public transit. I felt like there was so much I was missing out on. And it intimidated me. And it kept me from feeling like that city was my home. Although I admired it greatly and still do. Recently, I heard about this new product. It’s this awesome electric motor scooter made by UNU. UNU  has created and amazing business model that is basically a complete inverse of what you would expect from something in the automotive industry. Basically, they only make you a scooter when you order it. It’s not in production before that, it goes into production when you get the order. It’s electric and it doesn’t use any fossil fuels to operate at all. It just uses a battery, which is ingeniously designed with a collaboration with Panasonic, and that battery can go for 50 kilometers at a time even though it weighs only 9 kilograms. Once that battery gets low, you can bring it inside and plug it into any wall outlet. It only takes 5 hours to charge from being completely empty, and then you can drive for another 3 or so days, or however long it takes you to hit 50 kilometers in the city, which is not a small distance when were talking about cities. This is why I’m so interested in UNU in the scooter, and this is one of the things I think I’ll do if I move back to Berlin.




This website is unbelievably helpful

So, I found a final grade calculator that is very good. It is actually so unbelievably effective that I don’t think I’ll ever be looking for another one because this one just does everything I needed to in the most efficient way that I could possibly imagine. I seriously don’t see how they can figure out anybody’s final grade in any course with only three simple variables. I know I’m not a mathematician, so maybe I shouldn’t be as Amazed by this, but other calculator calculating the past required a lot of different variables to be added. This one only needs 3. It needs to be worth of your final grade in the context of the entire syllabus of your course, it needs whatever your current grade is as you approach your final exam, and, of course, obviously, it needs the grade that you want, or at least the minimum amount that you need. Then, it will tell you what test score you need to achieve to get that final Mark in your class. For someone like me, who suffers from exam and student based anxiety, it is really nice to just have a clear point of view on exactly what I need to achieve to get the results that I want or need. Seriously, it is really helpful for me. In my opinion, this final grade percentage calculator is the best one, and I would basically recommend it to absolutely any student.

Get Known on the Web

Traditional Media

Vancouver SEO consulting are specialists in spreading the information about your website using other media such as radio or TV talk shows, word of mouth among friends, associates, and family. Organising and creating newsworthy events which will give you free publicity and also exposure to the public. One of the oldest ways of informing other people about an event was by word of mouth and it still works today.

Social Media

Since the beginning of mankind, the way of communicating has been by the way of mouth and to an extent before archives were established the duty of keeping the history and traditions of certain communities was designated to a certain family which told the facts to the generations that followed.

Since the beginning of time mankind likes sharing news and any extraordinary event or social happening was discussed among friends, peers or family at home, work, coffee shops, church or any other place where social gatherings took place. Social media is an extension of this way of communicating except now it is done at a drop of a hat. As a person learns of something interesting within minutes a multitude of people learn about this through smartphones and computers. This is why social media is one of the best platforms to get yourself known.

Links to your website

What most new website entrepreneurs have difficulty with is how to get links connected to their sites and almost all of them need help from specialists such who have the experience and know how to do this in the shortest possible time.

Having an internet business is not a get rich quick scheme and needs expertise and perseverance to get a substantial amount of visitors to your site.

Getting links to your site through other well-known sites is a way of doing it. The way this is done is through asking the owner of another website if it is possible for them to add your link site and this is reciprocated by you. That way if someone visits their site could also click on your site and hopefully business is made that way. This seems simple but requires experience and time to achieve this.


Make sure that before you venture into this type of marketing your website is of the highest standard. No one wants to be associated with amateurs and that is why it is advisable to use Vancouver SEO consulting.



Put Stress On Realistic Videos To Make The Property Look More Appealing

Marketing should be bold and beautiful to attract eyes, attract attention, and make the sale pop out for you. That is why the need to try innovation rather than ideas is a must. If you are new to the real estate market, you may not get it well at first, but once you get little old, and got tired of trying all common marketing strategies, you may love this. This is something different, and would tell you another way of realistic marketing for Port Moody real estate agents.

You must have a website or a blog as the real estate agent, where you put up dozens of pictures, connection with MLS Vancouver and footages of the property. Well that is quite common and every real estate agent does that. Nothing really new about this, like how basic girls in LA love reading Daniel Wellington watch review! Definitely you will have to show the property from many facets and pictures and videos are a must. But, how about trying the drone camera footages? Did you give this a thought before? If not then now is the time.

Using drone to make lively videos

People love to visualize. And the more you make them visualize real estate investment Vancouver in a positive way, the more you will be ahead in selling. That is why the use of drone cameras can be really worthy. There are many services who give you drone cameras on hire. If you are not sure on operating them, then you may get a full service of making drone videos too from a service provider. The main objective is to make some cool videos of the house or property using drone cameras. These are cameras like small helicopters, or rather flying cameras which can be used to take videos of a thing from exceptional heights and angles.

This will not just give the viewer a different angle to view the property other than the normal still photos, but would also make this look more raw, lively and real. That is why the drone camera footages can actually help draw more attention.

Reaction of the prospective buyers

As a result of this strategy of marketing for real estate agents, you may win over your prospective buyer. Often such realistic angles make a thing more interesting, and the buyer may love this. The videos from a height, and the motion while the camera travels from one room to another and from the back of the property to front, or from the street to the property and back, would actually make it look more absorbing than ever. This may invite in the party to seal the deal.

Synopsis of Eddystone, and the comparison to Apple’s iBeacons

iBeacon was the foremost from Apple in 2013 that launched, but its growth is less than expected. The fact cannot be denied that Apple has been seriously protective about the iBeacon standard, yet the peculiar market situation has brought Google’s Eddystone into the focus.

Bluetooth Low Energy is a smarter version of the regular Bluetooth wireless technology. It means it is Bluetooth basically, that takes less power to operate, features high security, costs less and is compatible with major operating systems. iBeacon is Apple’s version used to offer location based services to iOS devices.

Eddystone is a new Bluetooth Low Energy open beacon from Google. It is a protocol specification defining a BLE format of message for beacon messages. It assigns several types of frames that may be used in combinations or individually to create beacons so that it is used for various applications. The concept is beacons in the real world help users and apps the same way as lighthouses guide in the night the ship captains.

How it works

Bluetooth beacons are tiny transmitters that constantly give out signals to nearby devices, thereby transmitting information about an interesting point.

Indexsy, Vancouver SEO Consultant

These signals are seized by the mobile devices of the users. In Eddystone, two APIs are available such that they can find a nearby beacon and information is send when you are in a specific range or location. Developers can set up apps in the devices of users and perform certain functions or if the relevant apps are not available in listening devices, push URLs to open the browsers and display contents in the user devices.

Difference of iBeacon and Eddystone

  • iBeacon is the intellectual property of Apple, while Eddystone is from Google as a open source available under Apache v2.0 licence.
  • iBeacon is available only for iOS devices and the Eddystone is for iOS and Android devices. It supports is built such that it can be used through a library equally on iOS.
  • iBeacon supports one data packet type advertising only, while Eddystone supports multiple data packet types featuring Eddystone-UID and URL.
  • iBeacon does not monitor the condition of beacon, while Eddystone TLM broadcasts health status of the beacon and this helps the fleet management that is less frequently broadcasted than the data packets.
  • iBeacon offers two API methods to detect iBeacon devices such that it works when the app is active and offers proximity estimations. Eddystone supports the iOS and Android. it offers proximity estimates and works when the app is active.


How to choose the best kind of fabric for my rocking chair


Upholstered rocking chairs are stylish and unique. It is safe to say that no 2 pieces will be alike. This is because the choices of the materials made to make the chairs are unlimited. Fabrics can be either used to cover the whole rocking chair or simply to make supportive cushions if you prefer to sit on the rattan or hard bottom. But in all cases you would definitely need some kind of cushioning either on the back, the armrests or the seat. This is equally true whether your rocking chair is made from wood, MDF, or metal.

Finding the right kind of upholstery fabric is a bit of a challenge. It is not just about the patterns and the colors, but choosing the right type of fabric will depend on a number of factors. In this article we will tell you the things that you should consider while choosing the most suitable fabric for your rocking chair:

  1. The nature of your household:

Are there children in your household? Do you have any pets? Choosing your fabric should take such factors into consideration. Of course, you could make it clear that your rocking chair is off limits but that would never keep your little ones or your furry friend from getting comfortable in your favorite rocking chair. For this reason, you are better off choosing a material that is water resistant or waterproof. This will make it easier to deal with liquid spills. Choose a synthetic material that will be easy to clean and cheap to replace in case of a cut. Generally speaking synthetic fabrics are more durable than natural ones and are also a lot cheaper.


  1. The weather:

Different fabrics have different feels to them. Silk for example gives a sense of cool on a warm summery day. It could be however, too cold to sit on if your household is always cold. Velvet, wool and cotton are warmer fabrics. They can be used to give a sense of cosines and warmth.


  1. Where do you plan to use your rocking chair?

If you are planning on using your rocking chair in the garden, the backyard or your patio, then you must choose a material that won’t be affected by the elements. This means that even if you go for natural fabrics, your fabric must have some kind of treatment to make it water-resistant. The dye should also be stable and won’t fade away due to exposure to the sun.


Considering these factors will help you choose the best fabric for your rocking chairs.

Tech review for the Samsung Gear 360

Tech review for the Samsung Gear 360

Even though the Samsung Gear 360 is cheaper than some other 360 cameras in the market today, it produces some of the best spherical video that can be obtained from a consumer-grade 360-degree camera presently.

Shooting and resolution

The Samsung Gear 360 has two lenses, and you can use one or both at the same time. Each of these lens works with a 15-megapixel sensor, denoting that the camera can shoot 30-megapixel 360-degree stills or 3840 x 1920 video. Thus, in terms of resolution, this figures puts the Samsung Gear 360 near the top of the market in terms of resolution.

Higher Video and Image quality

Samsung Gear 360 captures higher-quality images than most of its 360 competitors. For example, the 360fly and Kodak might try to compete in terms of having some close number of pixels to the Samsung Gear 360, but overall Samsung has done a great job at balancing all the basics like good color correction and dynamic range. When the pictures are stitched together, you can even see the line. Make sure the subject is more than five feet away before taking the pics for the best effects. Photos are even better in broad daylight than at night.

Ease of use

With the aforementioned Samsung phones, this app is easy to use on its own or with its full-featured mobile app. The Samsung Gear 360 can be used as a single-lens wide-angle video camera. Its Body is splash and dust-resistant and battery and storage are removable. This means that you can remover the battery and charge it, or even carry extra battery just in case one runs down. Also, you can increase the size of your camera memory, since it is not inbuilt.

Slight disadvantage

Despite its many positive reviews, the bad news is that this camera’s app presently works on only select Samsung phones such as Samsung Galaxy S6/S7, S6/S7 Edge, S6 Edge+ and Note 5 phones. This means that a lot of other Android and all iOS users cannot use this camera, which is very painful. Furthermore, for PC’s and desktops, the app can only function on Windows-only and editing without it is very difficult. Also, the lenses can be easily scratched and replacements aren’t available.

The Samsung Gear 360 also has a very small design; this makes it easy to carry around than other ones presently.

I feel so lucky to live in Raleigh, North Carolina

I feel so lucky to live in Raleigh, North Carolina. This post is not intended to be smug and I’m not trying to brag. I am literally just trying to show my gratitude and appreciation for a city that has been so kind to me. I came to the American South from a very different culture, and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. The people of this city were so kind, and they still are, even though I’ll never be able to fully become a part of their culture since my Northern sensibilities will never be fully shook off enough to spread the true Southern warmth and charm. Every weekend I get to choose which Raleigh golf course I want to play at, or whether I want to take a short trip out of the city to go to one of the many fine courses that are to be played somewhere else in North Carolina.

How App Stores Calculates App Store Rankings?

How App Stores Calculates App Store Rankings?

It is a common knowledge that app store rankings can have a drastic effect on the performance of your application. This becomes even more important if you are a small developer and do not have the mammoth budget which big companies allot to advertising. Therefore, attaining a good rank is very crucial to your business and the same goes for understanding how an app store calculates rankings.

How Does App Store Do It?

No application on the app store is manually ranked. There is a very specific algorithm in place that factors in certain details about the app before giving it a rank. The algorithm can be tweaked to make sure that your application achieves better ranking in the play store, but the essential components remain as is. Here are some of the factors which decide the ranking of an application.