Tech review for the Samsung Gear 360

Tech review for the Samsung Gear 360

Even though the Samsung Gear 360 is cheaper than some other 360 cameras in the market today, it produces some of the best spherical video that can be obtained from a consumer-grade 360-degree camera presently.

Shooting and resolution

The Samsung Gear 360 has two lenses, and you can use one or both at the same time. Each of these lens works with a 15-megapixel sensor, denoting that the camera can shoot 30-megapixel 360-degree stills or 3840 x 1920 video. Thus, in terms of resolution, this figures puts the Samsung Gear 360 near the top of the market in terms of resolution.

Higher Video and Image quality

Samsung Gear 360 captures higher-quality images than most of its 360 competitors. For example, the 360fly and Kodak might try to compete in terms of having some close number of pixels to the Samsung Gear 360, but overall Samsung has done a great job at balancing all the basics like good color correction and dynamic range. When the pictures are stitched together, you can even see the line. Make sure the subject is more than five feet away before taking the pics for the best effects. Photos are even better in broad daylight than at night.

Ease of use

With the aforementioned Samsung phones, this app is easy to use on its own or with its full-featured mobile app. The Samsung Gear 360 can be used as a single-lens wide-angle video camera. Its Body is splash and dust-resistant and battery and storage are removable. This means that you can remover the battery and charge it, or even carry extra battery just in case one runs down. Also, you can increase the size of your camera memory, since it is not inbuilt.

Slight disadvantage

Despite its many positive reviews, the bad news is that this camera’s app presently works on only select Samsung phones such as Samsung Galaxy S6/S7, S6/S7 Edge, S6 Edge+ and Note 5 phones. This means that a lot of other Android and all iOS users cannot use this camera, which is very painful. Furthermore, for PC’s and desktops, the app can only function on Windows-only and editing without it is very difficult. Also, the lenses can be easily scratched and replacements aren’t available.

The Samsung Gear 360 also has a very small design; this makes it easy to carry around than other ones presently.