Get Known on the Web

Traditional Media

Vancouver SEO consulting are specialists in spreading the information about your website using other media such as radio or TV talk shows, word of mouth among friends, associates, and family. Organising and creating newsworthy events which will give you free publicity and also exposure to the public. One of the oldest ways of informing other people about an event was by word of mouth and it still works today.

Social Media

Since the beginning of mankind, the way of communicating has been by the way of mouth and to an extent before archives were established the duty of keeping the history and traditions of certain communities was designated to a certain family which told the facts to the generations that followed.

Since the beginning of time mankind likes sharing news and any extraordinary event or social happening was discussed among friends, peers or family at home, work, coffee shops, church or any other place where social gatherings took place. Social media is an extension of this way of communicating except now it is done at a drop of a hat. As a person learns of something interesting within minutes a multitude of people learn about this through smartphones and computers. This is why social media is one of the best platforms to get yourself known.

Links to your website

What most new website entrepreneurs have difficulty with is how to get links connected to their sites and almost all of them need help from specialists such who have the experience and know how to do this in the shortest possible time.

Having an internet business is not a get rich quick scheme and needs expertise and perseverance to get a substantial amount of visitors to your site.

Getting links to your site through other well-known sites is a way of doing it. The way this is done is through asking the owner of another website if it is possible for them to add your link site and this is reciprocated by you. That way if someone visits their site could also click on your site and hopefully business is made that way. This seems simple but requires experience and time to achieve this.


Make sure that before you venture into this type of marketing your website is of the highest standard. No one wants to be associated with amateurs and that is why it is advisable to use Vancouver SEO consulting.



Put Stress On Realistic Videos To Make The Property Look More Appealing

Marketing should be bold and beautiful to attract eyes, attract attention, and make the sale pop out for you. That is why the need to try innovation rather than ideas is a must. If you are new to the real estate market, you may not get it well at first, but once you get little old, and got tired of trying all common marketing strategies, you may love this. This is something different, and would tell you another way of realistic marketing for Port Moody real estate agents.

You must have a website or a blog as the real estate agent, where you put up dozens of pictures, connection with MLS Vancouver and footages of the property. Well that is quite common and every real estate agent does that. Nothing really new about this, like how basic girls in LA love reading Daniel Wellington watch review! Definitely you will have to show the property from many facets and pictures and videos are a must. But, how about trying the drone camera footages? Did you give this a thought before? If not then now is the time.

Using drone to make lively videos

People love to visualize. And the more you make them visualize real estate investment Vancouver in a positive way, the more you will be ahead in selling. That is why the use of drone cameras can be really worthy. There are many services who give you drone cameras on hire. If you are not sure on operating them, then you may get a full service of making drone videos too from a service provider. The main objective is to make some cool videos of the house or property using drone cameras. These are cameras like small helicopters, or rather flying cameras which can be used to take videos of a thing from exceptional heights and angles.

This will not just give the viewer a different angle to view the property other than the normal still photos, but would also make this look more raw, lively and real. That is why the drone camera footages can actually help draw more attention.

Reaction of the prospective buyers

As a result of this strategy of marketing for real estate agents, you may win over your prospective buyer. Often such realistic angles make a thing more interesting, and the buyer may love this. The videos from a height, and the motion while the camera travels from one room to another and from the back of the property to front, or from the street to the property and back, would actually make it look more absorbing than ever. This may invite in the party to seal the deal.