How App Stores Calculates App Store Rankings?

How App Stores Calculates App Store Rankings?

It is a common knowledge that app store rankings can have a drastic effect on the performance of your application. This becomes even more important if you are a small developer and do not have the mammoth budget which big companies allot to advertising. Therefore, attaining a good rank is very crucial to your business and the same goes for understanding how an app store calculates rankings.

How Does App Store Do It?

No application on the app store is manually ranked. There is a very specific algorithm in place that factors in certain details about the app before giving it a rank. The algorithm can be tweaked to make sure that your application achieves better ranking in the play store, but the essential components remain as is. Here are some of the factors which decide the ranking of an application.

  • The Number of Times it has Been Downloaded

Total number of downloads which the application has received is very important factor which can decide the position of the application in the ranking. Here the app store not only looks at the overall download but also gives equal importance to number of downloads in past few days. This gives an equal opportunity to new application and makes currently trending application hold a better rank.

Rate of download is also very important in deciding the position of the application. If all the people who are visiting your application end up downloading then it will put you up in better position in app store ranking.

  • The In-App Purchases

Within the sales of the application are very clear indications about the popularity of the application. If you can manage to get better sales from your application then it will also get you a better position in search engine results. Total money earned from the application is also something which app stores look into while deciding the rank.

  • The Level of Engagement

The goal of an app developer is to create an app that people get addicted to. If a user finds a certain app to be irresistible, than that certain app would have a better chance of being ranked well since app store also equates in the fact that a downloaded app is being used on a regular basis. This is one of the key factors which go into deciding the app store rankings.

  • Good Reviews

Reviews hold a lot of importance when it comes to the app store ranking of an app. If an application has positive reviews from the customers then that mean that they like it and thus the application earns a better position in search engine results.

The Bottom Line

For a developer it is very important to understand the way app store rankings are calculated. Now, they have a way to see what they are doing wrong and fix it in order to attain a better app store ranking and get better results.