This website is unbelievably helpful

So, I found a final grade calculator that is very good. It is actually so unbelievably effective that I don’t think I’ll ever be looking for another one because this one just does everything I needed to in the most efficient way that I could possibly imagine. I seriously don’t see how they can figure out anybody’s final grade in any course with only three simple variables. I know I’m not a mathematician, so maybe I shouldn’t be as Amazed by this, but other calculator calculating the past required a lot of different variables to be added. This one only needs 3. It needs to be worth of your final grade in the context of the entire syllabus of your course, it needs whatever your current grade is as you approach your final exam, and, of course, obviously, it needs the grade that you want, or at least the minimum amount that you need. Then, it will tell you what test score you need to achieve to get that final Mark in your class. For someone like me, who suffers from exam and student based anxiety, it is really nice to just have a clear point of view on exactly what I need to achieve to get the results that I want or need. Seriously, it is really helpful for me. In my opinion, this final grade percentage calculator is the best one, and I would basically recommend it to absolutely any student.